Companies all over the world are always hunting for reliable manufacturers. With globalization changing the dynamics of the world, one can imagine their inbox bombarding with supplier offers all the time. 

But how do you select the ‘right’ supplier? Or better yet, who is the ‘right’ supplier?

We’ve penned down 7 factors that companies must look into before finalizing a manufacturer.

  1. The truth behind the promises
    What’s the first thing you hear from every manufacturing company? If it isn’t “we promise to deliver on time” or “we supply excellent quality”, you haven’t really met a manufacturer!
    All manufacturers tend to make these promises but seldom any sticks to them. How do you know who to believe? It’s simple!
    Listen to their story & look at their vision and goals. If the vision is only about the company itself, we can’t guarantee about the promises they make. Nonetheless, if the vision is around the User Experience they intend to provide, they truly value their clients.
  2. Diversity in the products they make
    A manufacturer is someone who will make exactly what you want them to make. More than the design itself, skills are important. Designs are almost always provided by the B2C company because of course no one can understand the demands of the end-user better than the retailer themselves as they interact with consumers at all times. A good manufacturer needs to have the skills to produce the product that you want to offer your consumers.
    Therefore, look for diversity in the products. The more diverse they are, the more it shows that the manufacturer has the skills to develop anything that you currently want or might want in the future.
  3. Clientele
    But of course, who the manufacturer currently is working with remains one of the most important factors. If you know that a well-renowned company is working with a supplier for a long time, it means they are reliable and credible!
    Referrals in today’s competitive environment work like magic! If someone is being referred to you, you surely want to look into them.
  4. Culture of the company
    Quality, timely delivery, price — all these factors are directly dependent upon the culture of the company. If the culture of the company allows higher efficiency and productivity, above mentioned factors would already be sorted.
    If discipline is practiced, achieving deadlines is possible;
    If there are rules that everyone adheres to, the promised quality will be delivered;
    If everyone is motivated, their efficiency and productivity levels would be high enough to do the right work at a minimal cost!
    It really is all about what happens and how it happens inside the facility!
  5. One Vision, one team or no vision, huge team?
    Every company has laid out the best, or as we would call, cliched vision! Most of the statements you read in a Vision Statement are probably in the first 10 pages of our favourite search engine, Google!
    Do those statements really mean anything to the company? Is that vision actually shared with the team in its truest form or it’s a mere formality?
    I guess you’ll only know once you meet the one leading the vision; the leader!
    Meet the top level management and you’ll know if it’s ONE vision, one team or NO vision, no team! The former is a long-term benefit while the latter is just a huge waste of time, money & effort!

While there are a lot of other factors too, these are a few important one that may help you decide upon the right manufacturer to produce shoes for you. 

Happy Vendor Finding!

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