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About Us

Providing competitive prices along with supreme quality is our forte. We offer our clients the best price along with excellence and fineness in quality and comfort.The company is certified and audited for Social compliance with Sedex Social Compliance and ISO 9002.
Our products are manufactured under strict Quality Control complying with the International Quality Standards.
We import all the chemicals and PU material from Coim & purchase leather from selective leather tanneries to ensure 100% quality.

Core Values

Best Wholesale Shoes Manufacturing Company UK

  • Clients – No! We call them our partners! Together we make great products!
  • Our Satisfaction – When the client whom we call our partner is on the same page as us, their satisfaction level becomes ours. Therefore, we aim to reach Our Satisfaction levels!
  • Quality – We do not sell a single pair which we will not buy on double the price we offer our client (partner)
  • Teamwork – Just like our Clients are our partners, our team doesn’t just comprise of people who work for us. They too are our partners and we share our vision with them. When our vision becomes theirs, we reach a whole new level of Teamwork!
  • Never Say No to Partners – Mr. Sheikh didn’t have the word ‘NO’ in his dictionary! He shared this vision with the whole company. Today, we are skilled to get anything that our partners ask us done!
  • Innovation – In order to thrive in Industry 4.0 and the global world of today, never stop innovating! That’s our belief! A belief that shapes up our values!

Our USPs

  • Real Leather
  • Impeccable Skin Selection Procedure
  • Soft insoles – Sided, arch, flat feet, pressure points, pressure distribution, sweat absorbent
  • Non-slippery inched PU Outsoles – lightweight & comfortable
  • Perfect friction between floor & the foot
  • Experienced manufacturers of world’s top comfort footwear brands
  • Hands on experience with the best materials
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Ability to understand consumer market & clients’ requirements
  • Free sampling
  • One stop solution to all Comfort Footwear Manufacturing Needs
  • Sources all around the world 


  • Global competitive pricing strategy
  • Each product has different pricing depending upon the material specification
  • Price can greatly vary on the basis of quantity. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost
  • Write to us and get a price quote on the product you want
  • OR send us a picture or a physical sample and allow us to give you a quote on that
  • If you select any of our regular outsoles, the MOQ will be less. It could even be around 500 pairs.
  • If you select our regular outsole, upper designs & colors, we will not restrict you with the quantity. You can go as low as 250 pairs. In special cases, we can go further below too. We believe in making long term relationships.
  • We do label manufacturing for our clients
  • When the products are dispatched from our facility, they are ready to be handed out to the customers directly.
  • Branding, price labeling, barcoding – everything is handled before the cartons step into the sea or fly high up in the air.
  • If you’re not happy with us, we are not happy with ourselves!
  • If the product we send you differs 1% from the approved sample, we accept the claim.
  • We can make custom products.
  • There is no limit to customization. You want your own outsole? We can do that for you! You want our outsole but your own design? We can do that for you! We will not limit you at any step.
  • We respect our partners’ secrecy as it if were ours!
  • If you open your mould with us, it will be yours! We will not display it to anyone.
  • Your designs will not be displayed until you display it!
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  • FOB
  • L/C, TT, Advance

Our Facility

  • 60,000 sqft Manufacturing Facility
  • Conveyer belt
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Machine-intensive processes
  • DESMA PU Direct Injection Machine
  • Fagus (German made) Steel lasts for minimalistic lasting
  • Intense & intact Safety measures

Its All about the Leather!

Dealing with a natural material like Leather is tricky! But our team of Leather technicians makes sure to select the right component of the leather for the right component of the footwear.
Following the extensive SOPs & framework for the leather selection, we aim for perfect quality of the footwear.

Types of Leather

  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Buffalo
  • Goat
  • Crazy Horse
  • Deer


Our Satisfaction


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Timely delivery
  • Regular innovations
  • Constant R&D
  • Customer is always right!
  • At every step, think about the comfort and ease this shoe
    is going to provide to the end-user
  • Do not just keep our clients but the end-user in mind.
  • Do not sell what you will not buy



  • Technical datasheet of each article at each process
  • Quality Control department
  • Quality checking as per Customer’s approved & signed sample
  • 100% inspection
  • Random online inspection
  • Quality inspector at each step

Manufacturing Process


Our R&D department focuses all its financial & human resources in finding & testing materials that would not only be beneficial for our partners in terms of product development to gain high margins and competitive advantage, but also the footwear requirements, comfort needs & foot anatomy demands of the end user.

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