Leather Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Leather Shoes Exporters in Pakistan are established and improving very quickly with the passage of time. Rajax Shoes a great name in Leather Shoes Industry, has been exporting products since 1964. We are providing utmost quality, secure delivery, and exceptional services. Our exports take place worldwide.

We have the capacity to produce about 1 Million Pairs of Leather shoes Annually. Raja Industries is
ISO 9002 certified.

the certified company that is fully aware of its commercial societal accountability and generous duties.

We have strong connections with companies around the world. Our leather shoes are entirely meet the customary requirement of “REACH INTERNATIONAL REGULATION”

Raja’s have sound structured and appraised sellers network domestically as well globally, which are totally accomplished to execute our clients’ needs. The seductive colors and the diligence of the shapes boost the uniqueness of the Rajax footwear. All articles are made with passion and technically developed by skilled employees. Their purpose is not just to manufacture high-quality footwear, but also taking them to the approach where everyone feels comfy with their footwear and also adore them.

The products are manufactured under stringent Quality Control meeting the terms with the International Quality Standards.

Company import all the PU material and chemicals from Coim and purchase leather from selective leather tanneries to ensure 100% quality.

Manufacturing shoes are Raja Industries’ passion. The lively bustle in their production hallway is a driving force for the company. The aroma of leather, the jingle of different machines, spiking of heels and many other such things give the company peeps the thrill to build up something new, exited and different.

Rajax Shoes is not just a company but also a hallucination. It is very challenging to convert an apparent client into a enduring client and then engage them regularly with your brand.  Everyone faces these challenges every day like we face them the daily basis. As we know all growth is an inexorable trend. It may sound like a line, but for Rajax. clients always come first.


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