Our Team

Meet the Brains

Roshanay Asif Sheikh

Managing Director

I see my company’s future bright when I think of how I can incorporate technology and achieve our strategic goals. Keeping in mind the importance of Quality for our clients and those who wear our shoes, along with ensuring that they remain affordable yet allowing us to achieve our profitability, I plan on innovating our set-up, production processes and above all, dynamics of our shoes.

Shabnam Asif

Chief Executive Officer

Being an active member of the prestigious international body United Nations, it gives me many
opportunities to expand my business in such a way that my company fulfills all the social responsibilities. Rajax Shoes is not just a company but a vision. The process of converting a potential client into a permanent client and then making them our regular buyers is a very challenging.

Anam Asif

Production Director

Manufacturing shoes is my passion! The bustling activity in our productions halls is my driving force. The smell of leather, sound of various machines, nailing of heels and many other such things give me the thrill to develop something new and different! Manufacturing shoes exactly as per our customers’ preference and meeting deadlines is my forte.

Our Team

Meet the Doers

Imran Akbar

General Manager

For us at Rajax Shoes, the objective is very similar to this famous saying “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”. Footwear is a need for some and fashion for others. We cater to both. Our team that comprises of skilled shoe designers constantly designs shoes for all sorts of customers; from masses to classes! We deliver the best.

Saman Asif

Marketing Director

I serve as the director of marketing for the company. I research on various shoe companies and handle correspondence with new clients. I explore different shoe markets and communicate it to the R&D team, who make samples according to the trends in those shoe markets. My job is to increase the clientele.

Rana Asim

Finance Manager

I have been a part of Raja Industry from almost two decades. I handle company’s finance and legal matters. I manage Finance & Accounts, Taxation & Auditing, Financial Planning and Variance Analysis. I ensure that the company successfully achieves its financial goals.

Our Team

Meet the Creatives

Khawar Khan

R&D Head

I am the head of R&D department. I work on developing new lasts and soles that cater to the global market. I spend a great amount of time in doing research on new technicalities of shoe making and implement it in our factory. I have creative eye and a flair for colour, texture and patterns of shoes, knowledge of foot anatomy, good drawing ability and CAD skills and immense interest in shoe making that helps me design new and innovative shoe designs.

Mansoor Ahmed

Head Designer

I have the right experience of understanding what a specific client wants. Once the target market, expectations and preference of a particular client is shared with me, through my experience, I make sure I manufacture the perfect prototype. I work with other designers on styles and trends, make rough design drawings, research ideas at fashion shows and events, and make sample shoes to present my ideas.

Muhammad Ashraf

Production Manager

I have been working as production manager at Rajax from a very long time. I know all the technicalities of the Shoe Making inside out. I have extensive knowledge of all kind of shoe construction and am well aware of all the new global trends of shoe production. I am responsible for monitoring production processes, and supervising and motivating my team of workers.