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Best Womens Loafers Wholesale Supplier in UK

Rajax Shoes, a private label footwear manufacturing and exporting factory in Pakistan, manufactures high quality leather shoes for various brands all across the world. Our main markets are in the UK, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, US and Australia.

With impeccable quality that speaks for itself, we manufacture stylish and comfortable Loafers.

Currently, our factory facilitates bulk manufacturing of Loafers for different brands. They are manufactured with high quality soft leather. Specifically crafted with moccasin construction in order to allow the foot to move comfortably, they have the easy slip-on design along with foamy EVA cushioning in the insoles for extreme comfort and shock absorption.

Brands, Distributors, Wholesalers, get in touch with us today!

We source high quality raw materials from different parts of the world and that’s what makes our products the best! Over 30 years of experience, our skilled labour has the potential to make flawless shoes.

Dealing with a natural material like Leather is tricky! But our team of Leather technicians makes sure to select the right component of the leather for the right component of the footwear.
Following the extensive SOPs & frameworks for the leather selection, we aim for perfect quality of the footwear

We provide a wide range of options for customizations. You may select any material for upper, lining, insole & insock. You may select any color for the upper and the sole. It is also possible to order a completely new design on any of the existing soles. We can completely change the upper as per your requirement.
Whatever your needs are, we are here to fulfil them!

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