If you’ve ever studied foot anatomy, you’ll know how complex our feet really are. Other apparels can be generalized into general sizing like shirts can be XS, S, M, L etc. Even though we’ve somewhat generalized shoes into french & UK sizing too but the truth is it isn’t the optimal solution. There’s a tinge of difference between the right and left feet of each person even. How can we even think 7 sizes are enough for the whole of mankind?

It’s not! It’s definitely not!

This is why the companies that focus more on the comfort aspect of the shoe sell half sizes or even quarter sizes now. While even that’s not the perfect solution for the tedious foot anatomy, it is still better than whole sizes like 37, 38, 39. 

Getting the right size for your consumers is a very tedious task! Even though in physical retail store experience, the consumer gets to try on the shoes and even walk around wearing them, the effects tend to show up after trying them out and walking wearing them for at least a week or two. That’s why consumers gladly buy a pair of shoes only to realise later on that they’ve spent $100+ on an investment that will not get them any returns. As a result, their bad experience wouldn’t allow them to buy shoes from you again!

Shoes are something that are used on a regular basis. We spend most of our day wearing them. In the western countries like Europe, the USA and the UK, people tend to walk much more than in any other part of the world, like UAE due to weather or Asian countries due to lack of walking culture. Specifically for the people of these countries, it’s imperative to give them an outclass experience. 

Wrong shoes can often become a source of many foot diseases like Bunions. The right shoes can be very useful if you have an underlying disease, for example Diabetes. There are special shoes for diabetic people which eases their pain and provides just the right cushioning to their feet. 

So when you’re launching a product for your consumers, be sure to provide them an experience that won’t only provide them an outer layer for their feet but also, provide them the comfort that they direly need. 

If not much, then as a shoe company, you must at least focus upon providing half sizes to your consumers. 

Lucky for the both of us, Rajax offers half sizes and special articles for specific diseases like Bunions & Diabetes.